The Laws Dental team are very excited to announce the launch of our new Laws Dental Juniors Club!

We understand as parents, you may be particularly concerned about the impact that the current COVID-19 circumstances have had on your children's oral health! 

From Thursday 8th of July we will be offering Childsmile appointments to our registered junior patients.

These appointments will include interactive activities to provide:

✨ Information on how teeth develop and grow
✨ Hints and tips on dental care
✨ Demonstration and explanation of tooth brushing
✨ Demonstration of dental equipment and what it's used for
✨ Advice on weaning and diet
✨ Fluoride application (if required)

Our qualified in-house childsmile nurse Taylor is very passionate about making children's dental visits a positive experience and she is looking forward to meeting all of our Laws Dental Juniors in the near future. 

Appointments will begin with children aged 0-6 years and then aged 7-12 thereafter. Someone will be in touch in the near future to offer you an appointment however, if you would like an appointment sooner please call the team on 01241 854 832.

We are all very excited to welcome our Juniors and hope they will enjoy their visit. . We would like to thank Lucy, Summer and Neiva, our very first LD Junior members, for demonstrating how much fun you can have at the dentist - and needless to say Taylor had lots of fun too!!

Stay tuned for an exciting LD Juniors competition coming soon!


Dental Nurse & Childsmile Nurse 

My name is Taylor, and I qualified as a Dental Nurse in 2016. I love keeping busy with my family & friends, and going out for big walks with my dog Glen!

Working with children within the dental setting is my favourite part of my job and also the reason I wanted to be a Dental Nurse - so I knew that Childsmile had to be my next step! I began my Childsmile course in 2019, then gained my qualification in May 2020. 

I love helping children and nervous patients become more comfortable within the Dental setting so I always make it my aim to help children to overcome many different fears we all face when visiting our dentists. 

Fun fact - I used to teach dance and baton twirling classes!

I am very excited to be able to provide our junior patients with Childsmile appointments, and I can't wait to see you all soon!